Month: March 2020

by B.J. Porter (Contributing Editor) In 2018 in the United States, the Coast Guard counted 633 deaths and over 2,500 serious injuries from recreational boating accidents. Not to be dark and grim, but boating safety is a serious topic and many fatalities and accidents could have been prevented with care and caution. This isn’t an […]

by B.J. Porter (Contributing Editor) Every book on cruising, every engine user manual, every “tips and tricks for not killing your engine” guide, every coastal and cruising instructional course out there says one thing in common: Check your engine oil every day. This is basic, but I am convinced that only the most meticulous people […]

by B.J. Porter (Contributing Editor) Visiting new places is one reason we sail and voyage. What can be more exciting than showing up in a new town or on a new island full of new sights and experiences? Navigating close to land can be the trickiest part of any trip, and a strange harbor can […]