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Quick FAQs

Where do you get iNavX?
iNavX in the iTunes App Store.
iNavX in the Google Play Store

Is there a charge for the high resolution NOAA US waters marine charts?
No, iNavX comes with free access to the high resolution NOAA US waters marine charts

Is there a charge for the marine charts and maps?
Yes. iNavX provides access to the largest chart and map library. All additional charts are available via in-app purchase. Note: In addition to being able to use these charts and maps with iNavX, most may also be used with MacENC or GPSNavX charting software.

What areas do the marine charts and maps include?
In addition to the NOAA US waters marine charts, iNavX provides access to a worldwide selection of the largest chart and map library. Visit the iNavX in-app Chart Store for more details.

Are the marine charts and maps the latest editions?
Yes, since they download directly from our official chart server. They can be updated at any time during the subscription period. iNavX users will be notified of any chart updates.

Where can I learn more information about the NOAA US waters marine charts?
Here – to see a list of NOAA Chart symbols and other information, use the search results from any Internet search engine with the phrase ”NOAA chart No. 1”

Are the marine charts and maps stored locally on my device?
Yes. This means once they are downloaded an internet connection is not needed to use the charts or maps.

How much storage space do the marine charts and maps take?
Depends on how many charts and maps have been downloaded. Individual charts and maps can be deleted. Typical chart or map takes under 1 MB of storage.

Does iNavX need a cell or Wi-Fi internet connection to use the marine charts or maps?
No. An internet connection is only needed to download selected charts and maps. Once charts and maps are downloaded they can be used at any time regardless of internet connectivity. Note: regular raster and vector charts download once and stay in memory with no further need of an Internet connection. Charts in memory do not expire but chart updates do cease once a subscription ends, and if device memory is reset or the device is replaced, it will require a chart subscription renewal.

What devices is iNavX compatible with?
iNavX supports any iOS device running iOS10 or higher or any Android 4.4W or higher.

Does iNavX support the device compass?
Yes. The compass will be used to orient the position icon on the chart including course up, the compass banner and the “HDG:” in the Instruments view. Course over ground can also be used.

I have more than one device, can iNavX be installed on all devices?
Yes. iNavX is a universal app and will be made available to all devices with the same iTunes Account of Google Play Account. Alternatively, when you sync any device with your PC or Mac, all apps purchased from the iTunes app store will be installed. This means you purchase an app once and install on all your devices across the same iOS or Android platform.

Does iNavX support external GPS receivers for devices without a built in GPS?
Yes. We support the Bad Elf GPS, the Dual XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS / Dual XGPS170 Universal Bluetooth GPS, the Garmin GLO, and the Magellan ToughCase

Does iNavX track my location?
Yes, utilizing your devices in-built GPS, iNavX will actively track your location. This functionality also works without cell service.

What Location priority order does iNavX use?
When “Location Services” is enabled in the iNavX TCP/IP NMEA Client this means Location Services will be used for position, speed, and course. This setting is typically enabled when GPS NMEA data is not available over TCP/IP connection, but other NMEA data such as depth or wind is.

Does iNavX work in places where there is not marine chart or map coverage?
Yes. There is a basic low scale world chart included and the instrument and waypoints functionality is not dependent on available or loaded charts.

Does iNavX work with the NOAA ENC vector charts?
No. The NOAA ENC vector chart coverage is incomplete and the NOAA ENC vector charts do not have the look of traditional paper charts.

I have charts on my PC or Mac, can I use those with iNavX?
No. iNavX downloads charts directly from a chart server and are only accessible in the iNavX apps for Android or Apple devices.

How much are iNavX updates?
No additional charge and all iNavX updates will arrive via the App Store or Google Play. On the device, Select “App Store”, then select “Updates”.

Does iNavX have analog graphics for instrument data?
Yes, tap on any instrument value and an analog graphic is available (speed, course, wind, satellites, route, depth).

Does iNavX support AIS receivers and transponders?
Yes via TCP/IP. Targets are plotted on the chart with real-world scaling. An AIS Transponder can be used to provide own position, speed and course to iNavX. SART and NavAids are supported. (iOS ONLY)

Does iNavX support NMEA data?
Recommended multiplexers (only available on iOS):
 – Brookhouse iMux WiFi multiplexer
 – Brookhouse eMux WiFi multiplexer
 – Comar NMEA-2-WiFi multiplexer
 – DigitalYacht iAIS WiFi receiver & multiplexer
 – DigitalYacht WLN10 WiFi multiplexer
 – ShipModul Miniplex-2 WiFi multiplexer
 – Redpark GPS Cable
 – vYacht NMEA Wifi router
 – DMK Yacht Instruments Box
 – Vesper Marine XB-8000 / WatchMate Vision
 – NMEA 2000 support: Chetco Digital Instruments SeaSmart WiFi, or
 – Combine an Actisense NGW-1 ISOwith one of the above multiplexers

I don’t have an AIS receiver or transponder, is there another way to get AIS data into iNavX?
Yes, in selected locals our iNavX AIS LIVE service can be used. The iNavX AIS LIVE server provides AIS targets within 30 NM of device position or any selected waypoint.

I have waypoints, routes, or tracks, how do I transfer those to/from iNavX?
iNavX can import and export waypoints, routes and tracks via email. This includes sending to MotionX and Google Earth apps. iNavX can import and export waypoints, routes and tracks via iTunes.

Can I upload my track to Google Earth?
iNavX can export the track via email

Does iNavX support GRIB weather forecasts?
iNavX for iOS can import and display GRIBs as well as high resolution weather from Theyr.

Is there a Full Screen mode in iNavX?
Yes, with the tap of the screen the chart can be expanded to fill the entire view

Do charts in iNavX get backed up via USB synchronization or iCloud?
NOAA Charts backup to iCloud if iCloud backup is enabled on the users device, but no chart files are archived to a computer hard drive

What measurement units does iNavX support?
Nautical miles, statute miles, kilometers, yards, and meters, true and magnetic bearings, degrees and fractional minutes and degrees minutes and seconds. All distance and bearing measurements are computed using Great Circle routing.

Is there a user’s guide for iNavX?
Yes here: Guide

Is there a tutorial for iNavX?
Yes here: Tutorial

Is there a user’s forum for iNavX?
Yes here: Forum

Is there a trial or demo version of iNavX?
No. Apple’s official policy is not to allow trial or demo versions of apps.

Does iNavX include any AdWare?
No. It is our policy not to include any advertisements in our software.

What languages is iNavX localized in?
English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish.

Does iNavX support ActiveCaptain?
Not at this time, it is something we are considering for the future.

Is iNavX available on Android?
Yes – iNavX is available on Android.

Support for Mr. Tides
Mr. Tides is produced by another company, they can be reached for all questions and support items here –
– Aye Tides is available on iNavX on iOS only

How to report Chart errors
To report a chart error, please send the details to –