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  • ▶ "The Standard" -Cruising Magazine
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iNavX™ is the #1 handheld chartplotter and the only chartplotter on your phone that delivers charts from your favorite chartproviders and hundreds of features. Trusted internationally by casual and professional sailors, fisherman, and cruisers, download iNavX today and automatically receive complementary copy of high resolution NOAA RNC raster United States marine charts of the West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast, Great Lakes, Alaska, Hawaii, and US Virgin Islands.

Additionally, iNavX is the only app to give you access to all your favorite charts and data services directly through the app. These include a large collection of charts from Government Hydrographic Offices as well as leading cartography companies including, Blue Latitude, Explorer, Waterway Guide, and, Delius Klasing. Data overlays include AIS LIVE from SiiTech and weather from Theyr Premium Weather - its all ready for you in your hand.

iNavX Supports The Broadest Selection of Chart Providers

All Charts are available in the iNavX In-App Chart Store


"I just wanted to thank you and let you know that iNavX on my iPad really worked well for us on the Oregon Offshore last weekend. I had the iPad in a dry case and we used the basic functions of the iNavX program to navigate our way to an overall victory. I shared the program with a number of competitors after the race and I'm pretty sure they'll be visiting the app store soon."


"I successfully used iNavX to input 1,695 waypoints stretching from the waters of Northern Mexico to the Channel Islands. I was then able to export those points and send the exported files to my Furuno dealer who used a Furuno program to convert the file to Excel and sent it back to me. Thank you so much for providing the platform for me to get this project done. I could not have done it without you."


"I've used this app while cruising on a 36 ft sailboat all along East Coast for 6 years. It is not my primary Chart plotter but an excellent back up and even better for planning routes and exploring options for anchorages. All NOAA raster charts are free. To put this in perspective my primary Chart Plotter from Garmin costs $900 and requires $250 per Chip just for the Chesapeake Bay region."




  • Plot your position in real-time using your device's built-in GPS
  • Easily pan, zoom, and rotate charts (including course up)
  • Print detailed charts to use in combination with the app
  • Display real-time instruments including speed, course, bearing and waypoints


  • Create waypoints and plan routes to navigate between them
  • Quickly measure bearing/distance between points
  • Track log allows you to record your actual route
  • Import/Export data in KML (Google Earth) or GPX format


  • Acts as a repeater for popular marine navigation software MacENC
  • Supports NMEA data over TCP/IP (using Wifi)
  • Integrates with external GPS, AIS receivers & transponders
  • Connect instruments: Depth, Speed, Wind, Engine, Batteries, etc.


  • GRIB Weather Forecast
  • Tides/currents
  • Anchor Alarm
  • AIS Alarm
  • Port/navaid Search
  • Tracking Log History
  • And many more...


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