ShipModul MiniPlex-2Wi

Using iNavX with ShipModul MiniPlex-2Wi

Go to the device home screen
 – Select “Settings” app
– Select “Wi-Fi
– Set “Wi-Fi” to “ON
– Select “MiniPlex-2Wi:xx:xx“. If another network is selected, first select the blue disclosure button next to the selected network and then select “Forget this network
– Exit “Settings

Launch iNavX
 – Select “TCP/IP NMEA Client” on the iNavX Preferences menu
– Enter the Host “” (Note: versions 3.17 and later use ““)
– Enter Port “10110
– Select “TCP
– Set “Enable Waypoints” to “ON” to import and and navigate to active waypoint or route of the connected GPS receiver
– Set “Location Services” to “ON” If there is no GPS receiver connected to the MiniPlex-2Wi
– Set “AP Repeat” to “ON” in order to have NMEA data for the active waypoint sent to the MiniPlex-2Wi Out1
– Enable “Link
– Select “Save” button