Using iNavX with PolarCOM

Launch PolarCOM on your PC
[control] or right click on the PolarCOM icon in the dock or tray
Select “Configure” from the menu
Assuming you already have the PolarCOM ports setup for the NMEA input into your PC:
Select “Add” button in the PolarCOM Configuration window
Enter “TCP” for “Visible Name
Select “Network Server” for the type
Enter “” for “address
Enter “2114” for the “port
Select “Mux Out” for the “Direction
Select “TCP” for the “Protocol
Select the “Add” button

Go to the device home screen
Select “Settings” app
Select “Wi-Fi
Set “Wi-Fi” to “ON”
Be sure to select the network that your PC running PolarCOM is connected to. If another network is selected first select the blue disclosure button next to the selected network and then select “Forget this network
Exit “Settings” and launch iNavX

Launch iNavX
Select “TCP/IP NMEA Client” on the iNavX Preferences menu
Enter the Host (This is the IP address of your PC running PolarCOM)
Enter Port “2114
Select “TCP
Set “Enable Waypoints” to “ON” to import and and navigate to active waypoint or route of the GPS receiver connected to PolarCOM
Set “Location Services” to “ON” If there is no GPS receiver connected to your PC
Enable “Link
Select “Save” button