Coastal Explorer

Using iNavX with Coastal Explorer

If your PC and iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch are connected to a WiFi or ad-hoc network you can link to the Coastal Explorer NMEA data.
– Launch the latest version of Coastal Explorer
 – Select “Tools > Configure Vessel and Electronics…
– Select “Data Ports
– Select “Data Server…
– Check “Enable Data Server

Go to the device home screen
– Select “Settings” > “Wi-Fi” > Set “Wi-Fi” to “ON”
– Be sure to select the network that your PC running Coastal Explorer is connected to.

Launch iNavX
 – Select “TCP/IP NMEA Client” on the iNavX “Preferences” menu
– Enter the Host, which is the the IP address displayed in Coastal Explorer “Data Server” “IP Address:
– Enter the Port, which is the value displayed in the Coastal Explorer “Data Server” “TCP Port:
– Select “TCP
– Enable “Link
– Select “Instruments” on the iNavX menu to see the NMEA data being received via TCP/IP from Coastal Explorer