Chetco Digital WiFi

Using iNavX with Chetco Digital Instruments SeaSmart WiFi

Go to the device home screen
– Select “Settings” >”Wi-Fi” > Set “Wi-Fi” to “ON” > Select “SeaSmart Adhoc Network”
– Find the free Fing app in the Apple iTunes app store and install on device
– Launch Fing on device, Fing will discover the SeaSmart AdHoc Network including the Host address of the SeaSmart WiFi which will be labeled “PRONET”

Launch iNavX
 – Select “TCP/IP NMEA Client” on the iNavX “Preferences” menu
– Enter the Host as shown above in Fing app “PRONET”
– Enter Port “10001
– Select “TCP
– Set “Enable Waypoints” to “ON” to import and and navigate to active waypoint or route of the connected GPS receiver
– Set “Location Services” to “ON” If there is no GPS receiver connected to the SeaSmart WiFi.
– Enable “Link” and select “Save

 – The SeaSmart WiFi will assign a different Host address each time powered up. In order to have a fixed Host address: Enter the Host address as previously found by Fing into Safari URL to bring up the SeaSmart WiFi web page
– Select “Adapter Setup
– Select “Network Setup
– Select “Network 2
– Select “Configuration
– Set “State:” to “Enabled
– Set “BOOTP Client:” to “OFF
– Set “DHCP Client:” to “OFF
– Enter the desired Host address into the “IP Address:” field. Recommend 169.254.XXX.XXX (i.e.
– Select “Submit
– Select “System
– Select “Reboot