Anchor Alarm

iNavX FAQ - Anchor Alarm

Anchor Alarm

The Anchor Alarm can be found under the ”More” Tab > Anchor Alarm

The “Anchor Alarm” will trigger (audible and visual alert when enabled) if the position changes more then the selected NM distance

In order for the Anchor Alarm to work, iNavX must be active (i.e. running) and have a good position fix (as indicated by “HPE:” in the Instruments view)

The Anchor Alarm perimeter is plotted on the chart

AAD:” in the Instruments view will display the amount of drift

Use the “Anchor” button to set the approximate location of the anchor relative to your position. Make sure the Anchor Alarm perimeter distance is greater then the distance to the anchor, otherwise the alarm will trigger immediately after enabling

The “Scope” button can be used to get a recommended amount of anchor rope to deploy

Test” can be selected to simulate the alarm

Anchor Alarm audio will repeat until “Cancel” button is selected or the Alarm view is dismissed with “Save” button. To make sure the audio alert can be heard, confirm the “Mute” button is not turned on AND The Volume slider in the device “Settings” “General” “Sounds” “Ringer and Alerts” is at maximum level. “Change with Buttons” can be enabled to allow the buttons on the side of the device to control the volume level