The Instruments view displays the data (See Datum table below) from either the Location Services (i.e. GPS, WiFi, cell tower) OR NMEA data coming from a TCP/IP NMEA Client connection. Selecting any row in the Instruments view will display the selected data by itself in a large font or in some cases an analog graphic. "Units" determine the format of the data. Select "Setup" to filter what data is displayed. When "True Bearings" are disabled in "Setup", magnetic bearings will be computed based on the position. "Compass Deviation" can be used to calibrate the magnetic compass of the device.

The Compass banner, "HDG:", position icon orientation and course up chart will use the device compass if available AND "HDG:" is "On" in the "Setup" AND Location Services are being used, otherwise COG will be used. Note: The compass measures heading relative to the top of the device. The compass banner will have a yellow background if error is greater than 30 degrees.

To use Location Services, from the home page, select "Settings", "Privacy", "Location Services". Note: COG and SOG computation accuracy are dependent on HPE or in other words a high HPE will result in less accurate COG and SOG computation. Note: "Airplane Mode" does disable the GPS receiver and WiFi reception.

To set up "TCP/IP NMEA Client" which uses the device WiFi, enter the host IP address (i.e. or and the host port (i.e. 2114) of the NMEA data server (i.e. MacENC or Coastal Explorer or GPSGate or AviaSail). Most often a "TCP" connection is used, however "UDP" is offered. Enable "Link" to make the connection to the NMEA data server. Select the "Save" button to exit. Position, Speed and Course can come from either NMEA GPS or AIS transponder. In the event the TCP/IP connection is lost, Locations Services will be reverted to. The "Bookmarks" button can be used to recall previous hosts and ports used.

TCP/IP NMEA Client Setting When Enabled
Disconnect Alarm Offers an audio and visual alert if the TCP/IP connection is lost.
Enable Waypoints Import and and navigate to active waypoint or route of the NMEA data server. Not applicable when "Location Services" are used. If waypoint or route navigation data is not updated at least every 30 seconds, navigation to the waypoint or route will be cancelled.
Location Services Use the device Location Service for position, speed, course otherwise process all other NMEA data. This setting is typically enabled when GPS NMEA data is not available over TCP/IP connection.
AP Repeat When a waypoint is active, the NMEA data sentences $GPAPB, $GPBOD, $GPBWC, $GPGGA, $GPRMB, $GPRMC, $GPXTE, $GPVTG will be sent to the TCP/IP host. "True/Mag" selection will set whether bearings sent in the $GPAPB NMEA sentence to the Autopilot are True or Magnetic. Note: iPad only.
Transfer Will send waypoints using NMEA data sentence $GPWPL to the TCP/IP host. Note: iPad only.

Datum Description
Location Services
NMEA 0183
NMEA 2000
Analog Graphic or Extended Data Available when "Show Digital" is disabled
AAD Anchor Alarm Drift
ALT Altimeter
AWP All Waypoints
ALV Alternator Volts
AWA Apparent Wind Angle
AWS Apprarent Wind Speed
BAT Battery Wind Vane
BPR Barometric Pressure
BSP Boat Speed
BTV Battery Volts
BTW Bearing To Waypoint
COG Course Over Ground
CON Connection
DBT Depth Below Transducer
DPT Depth
DTR Distance Remaining In Route
DTW Distance To Waypoint
ETA Estimated Time Of Arrival
ETP Engine Temperature
FIX Position Type
FLC Fluid Capacity
FLL Fluid Level
FLR Fuel Rate
GSV Satellites In View
HDG Heading
HDM Heading Magnetic
HDT Heading True
HPE Horizontal Position Error
LAT Latitude
LON Longitude
MWD Magnetic Wind Direction
OIL Oil Temperature and Pressure
ROT Rate Of Turn
RPM Revolutions Per Minute
RTN Route Name
SBS Switch Bank Status
SOG Speed Over Ground
SYT System Time
TCT Target Count
TMP Water Temperature
TMR Time Remaining
TOA Time Of Arrival
TPO Air Temperature
TRG Transmission Gear
TRT Transmission Temperature and Pressure
TTG Time To Go
TWA True Wind Angle
TWD True Wind Direction
TWS True Wind Speed
TXT Text
UTC Universal Time Coordinate
VAR Magnetic Variation
VMG Velocity Made Good
VPE Vertical Position Accuracy
WPN Waypoint Name
XTE Cross Track Error

NMEA 0183 Sentences Supported
NMEA 2000 PGNS Supported
$__BOD, $__BWC, $__DBT, $__DPT, $__GGA, $__GLL, $__GSA, $__GSV, $__HDG, $__HDM, $__HDT, $__MWD, $__MTW, $__MWV, $__RMB, $__RMC, $__ROT, $__RTE, $__TXT, !__VDM, !__VDO, $__VDR, $__VHW, $__VTG, $__VWR, $__VWT, $__VXS, $__WPL, $__XTE, $__ZDA
126992, 127250, 127488, 127489, 127493, 127501, 127505,127508, 128259, 128267, 129025, 129026, 129029, 129038, 129039, 129284, 129539, 129540, 129794, 129809, 129810, 130306, 130311