This award-winning Navionics® collection of both navigation charts and sonar bathymetry is optimized for use iNavX. Download once, use charts offline. Get chart revision updates via on-demand download, bonus backup to a secondary device, restoration re-downloads in case of memory resets, plus expert technical support.

Chart List:

* Navionics+ USA and Canada – Marine and Lake Charts

* Navionics+ Africa, Red Sea – Persian Gulf, Seychelles, Mauritius, Cape Verde

* Navionics+ Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Norfolk and Kermadec Is.

* Navionics+ Baltic Sea with inland waters of Baltic nations

* Navionics+ Caribbean, Bahamas and Central America

* Navionics+ Greenland and Iceland with Faeroe and Shetland Is.

* Navionics+ India – Malaysia – Indonesia – Borneo – South China Sea

* Navionics+ Japan, Korea, East China Sea, Taiwan, South China Sea, Philippines

* Navionics+ Mediterranean NW, Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean Seas, Black Sea

* Navionics+ Norway coast and inland lakes, Svalbard, Jan Mayen

* Navionics+ Skagerrak and Kattegat

* Navionics+ South Pacific Islands of Hawaii, Marquises, Fr Polynesia, Tonga, Fiji, Guam, more

* Navionics+ UK, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France N

* Navionics+ West and Central Europe, Mediterranean W, Azores, Canary Is.

Feature highlights

* Navionics charts in iNavX are bright, colorful, and intuitive to use via finger gestures.
* Seamless charting: as your boat moves, the chart smoothly glides from one area to the next with no worrying over the name or number of an adjacent chart.
* Accurate GPS current position shown as boat icon over chart along with projected travel path.
* Vector chart graphics cleanly re-draw with proportional fonts as you scale in and out.
* Need to know what a chart symbol is? Simply tap it and all the information recorded for the marine object or area is reported in a pop-up box.
* Sonar charts with 1 foot contour gradient let you visualize water bottom details, giving you hints about the nooks and crannies fish may be hiding in.

How to report a cartography error, missing object, incorrect chart data for a Navionics chart

Customers who notice Navionics cartography discrepancies (ex. missing or wrong navigation aids) are encouraged to report the issue at

Navionics encourages users of all its products to submit feedback regarding any discrepancies that may be found to ensure that their products are the best and most accurate available. Your feedback counts! Help to make Navionics products even better. Submit the chart content issue on the Navionics web site.