Issue Resolution
Unable To Download Chart (timed out) or (import failed) Use a WiFi connection to download charts. If another app is updating or downloading large amounts of data this can impede iNavX from downloading charts. If the WiFi connection is good then try re-synching with iTunes on your Mac or PC.
After an iOS update/restore Charts are no longer on device A change to the way iOS is updated causes the folder, where the charts are stored not be restored. The charts will need to be downloaded again..

To restore any NOAA charts: Select any NOAA region from the main menu, then select the Recent filter (looks like a clock), then select "Update Charts".

To restore any charts from X-Traverse (i.e. Navionics, nv charts, Soltek, etc.): Select any non NOAA region from the main menu, then select "Update Chart List", then select a chart, then select download all.

Chart view scrolls back to position after 10 seconds "Pos. Icon Loc" is "Ctr" or "Offset" in the "Setup" in the Chart view. Set to "None" to disable. To have the chart manually scrolled to the device position, double tap the "Chart" tab button twice.
Position cannot be determined

Make sure "Airplane Mode" in "Settings" is "OFF" as it disables not only the cell and WiFi connection, but also disables GPS reception for all apps. Do be sure that "Location Services" is "ON". Do be sure "iNavX" is "ON".

For users concerned with roaming charges, just be sure that "General" "Network" "Data Roaming" is "OFF" in "Settings".

Understanding Location Services

Cannot find Florida charts All Florida NOAA raster charts are in the NOAA USA East region.
Compass not accurate

The compass is easily interfered with by external forces including the angle of the device. The position icon orientation, compass banner, and course up use the device compass. In order to instead use COG (Course Over Ground), set "HDG:" to "OFF" in the "Instruments" "Setup".

"Compass Deviation" in the "Instruments" "Setup" can be used to correct the device compass.

Calibrating Compass

TCP/IP NMEA Client disconnects In order to preserve the device battery, sometimes the WiFi or cell connection will disconnect. Often this occurs shortly after a an auto screen lock (screen goes dark). Setting "Disconnect Alarm" to "ON" in the TCP/IP NMEA Client view will allow the view to pop up when the connection is lost. Also "Disable Auto-Lock" in the "Preferences" can help prevent a WiFi or cell disconnect.
Problems with NOAA charts Contact NOAA: NOAA
Problems with X-Traverse account or charts Contact X-Traverse support: email
Problems with Apps Troubleshooting apps purchased from the App Store
Problems with SiiTech AIS NMEA Data Server Make sure that your device has a good internet connection. Safari browser can be used. Access the SiiTech page and check for active targets at your location.